Drinking Outside On Upper Side Is The Most Fun

For people who have never visited London, movies have conjured up a city of gloom and fog where people walk around in a state of perpetual sadness.

In fact, nothing could be further from the truth. London is a city that shines. People who live there know that they are living in one of the most vibrant cities on Earth. And when the sun goes down it is immediately apparent.

The Roof Top Guide suggest some of the best rooftop bars in London

Well, there’s always the well known Rumpus Room where champagne cocktails are fabulous and the beautiful people gather. Floor 12 of the Mondrian Hotel is where you want to be.

Want something a bit more whimsical? What about a Peter Pan inspired rooftop bar? Then the Queen of Hoxton is for you. Visit the Neverland Boys bar and enjoy some of the best cocktails in London.

Want to really have some fun with friends and family – and have a great to view it? Then Skylight is the place you want to be. How about chilling with croquet, lawn bowls or petanque? And enjoying great drinks at the same time? This is fun taken to the highest level.

think that London can’t provide that beach vibe? Think again. Try Brixton Beach where you can bask under palm trees and enjoy Caribbean cocktails. DJ’s bring that Cuban vibe to London and the place swings. Great food from independent purveyors and even health music and classes from the Ministry of Sound. And every now and then some of London’s best restaurants will offer barbecue menus.

Take your chance to look out over one of the world’s greatest cities and enjoy a sunset on a fabulous rooftop bar – this is an experience which should be on everyone’s bucket list.