Young Girls: Programming Helps!

Hi, I’m Skye. I’m a freshman at high school and simply started as an intern at CloudQuant, in which my father is the CEO. When I was about twelve, he started inviting me to schedule.

The first book I used was “Hello World”. The book intimidated me, because I saw programming as a superpower, something just my father was capable enough to perform. I attempted to understand it, however I simply got bored very fast. My father, nevertheless persistent, decided it was time to try programming something we loved.

Minecraft had been a small family affair for us. When we wanted to play, we’d go get our iPods and log on to each other’s servers. Because there aren’t any kids in our home, we never actually ran out of folks to play the game with. We would spend hours building homes, doing struggles, and having races before we got shouted at for staying up too late.

That being said, my father got me a Minecraft programming book. He got me set up using a computer account (that component was super enjoyable for me personally), also showed me an application called Spyder. He made it sort of a race between my siblings and I, so I flew through the novel. I got about halfway through, and got bored of making things burst in the sky and building homes out of nowhere.

After that, I took a small break for a little while. Playing sports, trying to maintain good grades, interesting stuff like this. The summer after I graduated eighth grade, my father signed me up for a Coursera course on Python in the University of Michigan. I wasn’t all excited, programming had never been my cup of tea. However, I still did it, however frustrated and tired I was.

In most, I’m happy I did this course, and worked through the majority of those books, because they really did help. Even though I clearly can not do much except the fundamentals, I can understand a lot more of what goes on working for this firm. Yes, I was angry because my father made me do something I did not wish to, and yes, it paid off at the finish just like he said it would.