US may extend laptop computer ban on flights from Europe

Washington had banned passengers on direct flights from 10 airports in eight states into the US by taking on other devices, tablets and board notebook computers larger than cellphones.

Agence France-Presse

Laptop Ban

A guy uses his notebook on a trip out of John F Kennedy International Airport in New York. (REUTERS File)

    US police are thinking about banning carry-on computers into the usa on flights, broadening the safety amount introduced in eight nations in March, an official said on Tuesday.

    The Department of Homeland Security is close to making a decision on a ban that was larger because the active summer transatlantic travel season looms, department spokesman David Lapan said.

    Airlines flying into the United States from European airports that would be involved in implementing the coverage are given a warning that it’s under consideration, ” he told journalists.

    But “the secretary has not made an official decision,” he stated, referring to DHS chief John Kelly.

    On direct flights into the United States, Washington prohibited passengers in March from 10 airports in eight states by carrying on board notebook computers, tablets and other devices larger than cellphones.

    The affected airports are located in North Africa, Turkey and the Middle East.

    Britain followed with a ban applying to flights from six Middle East and North African nations.

    The movement, which forces passengers to place their apparatus came as officials designed concerns that jihadist bands were inventing bombs disguised as batteries into consumer electronic equipment.

    A bomb that blew a hole in February 2016 is believed to have been assembled to a notebook computer transported into the passenger cabin.